Boyd Chamberlain Architecture

Glandovey Townhouses

New contemporary duplex townhouses of 290m2, situated in the well-established suburb of Fendalton, located on the fringe of the central city of Christchurch. Consisting of 3 beds, 2 bath, 2 living over two stories, contained within the minimalist box stacked forms, finished in soft textured rendered plaster and horizontal weather board cladding. Parapet roofs retain the minimal sleek edged forms, fitting with the neighbouring area’s modern contemporary architecture.

Large window/door openings allow for plenty of sunlight to fill the interior spaces in tandem with the open volume high ceilings to the living area create a spacious, light filled atmosphere of volume and minimalist elegance and sophistication. The large glazed openings blur the defined internal and external living spaces and extend these internal living spaces outside with the use of level thresholds allowing for a seamless transition between.

Positioned back from the road frontages these townhouses optimise the use of the outdoor living space on offer on the site, a rarity for such housing typologies. Creating a more respectful and better standard of living for their occupants.